Grey Wash Ink Tattoo

Grey Wash is the technique used to create shading paired with pencil drawing which creates levels of contrast for an absolutely killer tattoo. The technique of Grey Wash is the foundation of most tattoos one sees today. Here at Grey Wash we pride ourselves with providing each of our clients with exactly what they want to display on their body starting with the grey wash of their ideas they have for their tattoo in mind.

We make it our mission to specialize in every style of tattoo here, from traditional styles, black and grey, fine line, lettering, neo traditional, color, realism, Japanese, biomechanical; you name it and we will work with your idea and choice of style! All of our artists have over 7 years of professional tattoo experience, and every artist is bloodborne pathogen certified. We are a sterile and disposable studio.

We take care of our clients here at Grey Wash and we pride ourselves in not just customer service but with providing our cliental the best the tattoo industry has to offer and always at a fair price.