Aftercare Instructions



The artist will apply a topical ointment immediately after completion of the session. Avoid any type of contact with the finished piece for at least 3 hours. After this time has passed, it is recommended that you rinse the area with mild anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Do not use any scrubbing motions on the affected area for at least two weeks or until the skin is completely healed. Lightly pat the area dry with a clean, soft cloth and allow it to “breathe” for at least 20 minutes so that any excess moisture can dry out. Once the area has dried, apply a thin coat of topical ointment to prevent itching and scabbing. The healing tattoo should be washed, dried, and moisturized about 3-4 times a day for the first 4 days.

It is ok to apply a small dab of ointment if the tattoo is feeling dry or stiff, but be sure not to over-moisturize. After the first 4 days, switch to a regular unscented moisturizer. Apply moisturizer twice a day for the remaining 2 weeks. Be sure to stay away from any lotions that contain color or fragrance until the tattoo is completely healed.

You may notice flakes of dry, colored skin begin to peel away from the tattoo area. This is completely normal as it is part of the healing process. DO NOT pick or peel at the tattoo.

Though cleanliness of the tattoo is strongly advised by the artist, be aware that prolonged soaking such as swimming in a pool, ocean, or even a long bath or shower can loosen scabs and cause discoloration of your tattoo.

During the first few weeks of healing, it is important to keep your tattoo protected from the sun as much as possible. It is strongly urged to avoid tanning or sun-bathing completely until your tattoo is fully healed. Once the healing is completed, be sure to use a high quality sunblock lotion to avoid fading or discoloration.

Keeping your skin moisturized and using a proper UV ray protection will improve the over-all longevity of your tattoo. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the healing process or after-care instructions, please do not hesitate to ask your artist. While you may receive different types of advice from outside sources, it is best to follow directions given by your artist directly as they are the ones that guarantee the work.

All tattoos are guaranteed for life AS LONG AS THEY ARE CARED FOR AS RECOMMENDED BY THE ARTIST. Any issues such as discoloration due to client neglect will not be covered. Touch-up appointments are available starting at $80 if you choose to get this done in the future.



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